10. I have tried to whiten my teeth at home with little success, can you help ?

Usually OTC whitening options at the store are much weaker and less effective. We can offer several professional whitening solutions that will yield better results.

8. My wisdom teeth are hurting me on and off, should I just wait ?

3rd molars or wisdom teeth are known to cause many problems, ranging from just discomfort to swelling/infection. Most of the time the extraction is performed in the office - sometimes we employ the help of a specialist - Oral Surgeon. We work with many specialists in the area - we will be able to help

7. My gums bleed when i floss and I have a bad odor/smell coming from my mouth, what should i do ?

You are probably dealing with a form of periodontal disease. We call this the"silent killer" because even though it rarely hurts, it is very destructive. It can lead to multiple  loss of teeth and even cardiovascular disease among other things. Reabilitating or replacing your teeth can be very expensive and require long treatment times. Let us help prevent that !

5. I just broke/chipped part of my tooth, it doesn't hurt, what should i do ?

The safe answer is come in, we should check it out. It's better to come in for nothing then to wait for this to turn into something painful and expensive.

2.I don't have any dental insurance, I only go to the dentist when I really have to

Almost the same answer as above - make regular, minimum 6 months apart appointments for an exam and a cleaning. That way you can ensure your dental health stays in check and you don't get hit with huge bills when problems surface. The dental professionals can also steer you in the right direction periodically - floss/avoid pop/fix small problems cheaper.


There are also many other financial arrangements you can make - 0% interest healthcare financing, cash discounts, possible treatment discounts.


All you have to do is make and appointment and ask what your options are !

3.I have a lot of cavities all the time, what is wrong ?


There are many possible explanations. The two main issues are usually oral hygiene and diet. If you don't floss every day and brush at least twice a day (very important at night) and if your diet has a lot of sugar (pop, even diet is harmful) then we have identified the problem. Sometimes genetics play a role or growing up on a farm (non-flouridated water). Either way, we can help.

4. I think my teeth are really bad, should i wait until they are ready to be extracted and get dentures ?

That is probably one of the worst things you can do. Dentures are usually very hard to get used to - a person looses 70% of the chewing force when they go from natural dentition to "false teeth".


There are things you can do - get a dental exam - it is possible to save some of the existing teeth and get partial dentures - much easier to chew with and get used to. Don't wait until it's too late - and don't believe people that tell you dentures are great ! They probably forgot how it is to have natural chewing power !

9. I am missing a tooth, I would like to replace it, what are my options ?

It really varies from tooth to tooth. The good part is we can do it ! Options vary in complexity and cost - implant, bridge, partial, temporary flipper...

We will be glad to discuss those options in detail !

1.I am afraid of dentists and nothing hurts now, should I go in for an exam ?

A lot of patients have been traumatized as children by the old ways of dental treatment. We hear this very often. Fortunately, things have changed considerably. New pain control methods (oral sedation - a pill before the appointment), laughing gas, much more potent and fast acting anesthetics, smaller needles and numbing up the gum at the injection site have really transformed the whole experience.


The worst thing a person can do is wait until something hurts. At that point, there is a greater chance of a need for complex, expensive, uncomfortable treatment (root canal, extraction). As the old saying goes, It's easier to prevent than to treat, the smaller the problem, the faster the solution. Make your appointment today


6. it hurts when i bite on my tooth, what is wrong ?

Teeth are not indestructible. They can crack, and just like a windshield crack, this can get bigger the more you use the tooth. Eventually it could hit the nerve or split the tooth, events which will lead to more pain and loss of tooth. Come in soon.


The most destructive habits for teeth are grinding teeth at night, chewing on ice, chewing bones or using your teeth as tools.